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Educate Don't Escalate


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Our Mission is educate our children on the humanization of Police Officers as well as how to behave during a routine traffic stop

Our children are taught the laws of the road in the state where they reside, yet they are unprepared as how to handle a routine stop by a police officer.

This lack of education attributes to the escalation of a simple routine stop becoming a potentially dangerous situation.

At Educate Don’t Escalate, our goal is to educate our children of their legal rights and how to behave during a routine traffic stop.

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We believe it is crucial to teach new drivers how to behave on the road. With so much technology, young drivers are at a greater risk of being distracted while driving.

At Educate Don't Escalate we believe knowledge is key. 

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Does your teen driver know how to respond to an officer during a routine traffic stop? Do you? We know how quickly things can escalate without the right education.

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The Problem and Our Solution to Educate

When people are not aware of their rights or the appropriate responses, they make mistakes. Those mistakes could cost their lives or the lives of those around them. 

The reality is that accidents happen in the blink of an eye and one poor decision could have lifelong effects. 

We are dedicated to sharing knowledge and teaching children and their families to educate, don't escalate!

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The Program Consists of the Following:

  • The Importance of Education

  • 5 Important Tips for New Drivers

  • You were stopped, now what? The Do’s and Don’ts of how to handle the situation

  • What do you do if you receive a traffic ticket?

  • Traffic Court: What Happens?

  • The difference between a new driver’s license and a permanent driver’s license


If you are interested in discussing the program, we can meet with you (in-person or via Zoom) at no cost to you. Click the button below to contact us or to book a presentation.

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Why is this important?

Education is key to our children's safety.

Many children are not aware of their rights and are not prepared to handle a simple routine stop by a police officer. This lack of education contributes to escalating a simple routine stop to a potentially dangerous situation. At Educate Don't Escalate, we want children to understand the following: 

  • Their peers can also contribute to the escalation process

  • They should respect that the officer for doing their job

  • How to protect themselves and the police officer

  • Their legal rights if they feel they were mistreated 

At the end of the day everyone wants to return home safely to their families.

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Program Preview

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