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Educate Don't Escalate


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My mission is to educate children on how to avoid escalating police interactions by empowering them to make informed decisions and handle such situations responsibly.

This knowledge can help promote safer interactions with law enforcement officers and contribute to a more harmonious community.

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I believe it is crucial to teach new drivers how to behave on the road. With so much technology, young drivers are at a greater risk of being distracted while driving.

At Educate Don't Escalate we believe knowledge is critical. 

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Does your teen driver know how to respond to an officer during a routine traffic stop? Do you? We know how quickly things can escalate without the right education.

The Program Consists of the Following:

  • The Importance of Education

  • 5 Important Tips for New Drivers

  • You were stopped, now what? The Do’s and Don’ts of how to handle the situation

  • What do you do if you receive a traffic ticket?

  • Traffic Court: What Happens?

  • The difference between a new driver’s license and a permanent driver’s license


If you are interested in discussing the program, we can meet with you (in-person or via Zoom) at no cost to you. Click the button below to book a presentation.

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Why is this important?

Education is key to our children's safety.

My program focuses on essential aspects of educating young drivers and their parents about the consequences of their actions on the road. By highlighting the financial impact of escalating routine police stops, you bring attention to the potential costs involved, which can be a deterrent for engaging in risky behavior while driving.

Emphasizing accountability is crucial, as it helps young drivers understand that their actions have consequences for themselves, their parents, and their future prospects. By promoting responsible driving behavior, we can help them avoid negative driving records that could potentially affect their college applications and opportunities.

Additionally, educating young drivers about the impact of their driving record on insurance premiums is valuable information. By illustrating the potential financial burden of increased insurance costs, you motivate them to prioritize safe driving habits and maintain a clean driving record.

By addressing these factors, I am providing young drivers and their parents with a comprehensive understanding of the long-term implications of their actions on the road. This knowledge can serve as a powerful incentive for them to make responsible choices and prioritize safety while driving.

At Educate Don’t Escalate, my goal is to educate our children about their legal rights and how to behave during a routine traffic stop.

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